Key Account Academy data protection policy

Scope of member data retained

The Academy will keep the data supplied by subscribers. As a minimum, member names, organisations and email addresses will be kept in order to make appropriate contacts about Academy activities, and we may also keep data on job title, sector and other details of employer organisations if supplied by the subscriber.

The Academy commits to keeping data in recognised, secure formats which are protected from external interference as far as reasonably possible. The Academy will keep subscriber data securely for up to 5 years after the end of the subscription period, unless the subscriber asks for it to be deleted from the records.

Use of subscriber data

The Academy will use subscriber data to:

  • make contact with subscribers and former subscribers about Academy activities;
  • make them aware of account management initiatives which may be of interest;
  • invite them to participate in research projects conducted or supported by the Academy
  • seek feedback on the Academy and material


No subscriber data will be displayed on the web site and no subscriber data will be shared with any external organisation.

The Academy will not provide any subscriber data to other organisations for the purposes of selling or marketing and will not promote offerings by other organisations except if the offer is deemed to be a component of the Academy offering .


The Academy may communicate with people who have made contact by joining as individual or corporate subscribers, subscribing to mailings or registering to attend a meeting. Any unwelcome communication can be stopped by emailing the requirement to cease to or using the unsubscribe process wherever it appears.