Welcome to this Module on The Core Differences Between Account Management and Selling

How long will it take?

If you can devote around 10-15 minutes every day or one hour each week then you will complete the Module in four weeks – or you can fast-track with around 20-30 minutes each day or two hours each week to complete it in two weeks.


What will I be studying?

This module we will introduce the important issues of:

  • What is a Key Account and what is Key Account Management and more importantly what are the implications for you and your business
  • What is value and why it is so very important for you
  • Why Key Account Management and selling are different
  • Why you can’t develop a key account relationship if you are always discussing price


What will be the result?

When you have completed the Module, you will have or be working on:

  • Your key account growth potential for the next two years
  • Your most recent revenue and margin trends
  • Why you win and lose business

And you will know that your Growth Plan must show how you will grow your share and margin together – you will use all this when it comes to writing your Strategic Growth Plan later


How is it structured?

The module is divided into a series of steps, each of which only requires a few minutes to complete – some managers like to do a few minutes every day and other prefer to spend longer at a set time each week.


What do I do next?

Don’t forget also to book your team meeting time with your colleagues and to use the online self-coaching tool to support your thinking throughout the program.