KAM research, 2010-2015

Comprehensive review/ listing of KAM papers in IMM and JIBM


For KAM programme managers, students and academics

Papers on Key Account Management are distributed across a variety of academic journals. However, KAM has been a consistent stream of research reported in Industrial Marketing Management and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing for a number of years.

Here Professor Björn Ivens has extracted the reference details of articles about KAM in these two popular journals, and summarised the subject and findings of each to make it easier for you to find what you want to know about KAM. In addition, he has identified ideas for further research which highlight some key things that we don’t yet know.

Check out new knowledge about Key Account Management

Is the way you are practising KAM aligned with everything that is known about the discipline?Is it sensible to be 'making it up as you go along' when there is properly researched knowledge on which you should be building your KAM programme and practices?

These papers are the way for program directors and KAM practitioners to learn how to build more robust and effective KAM in their organisations.

The table is also invaluable to anyone studying or researching KAM, as although it does not review KAM research in other journals, the references attached to these papers would include those as well. So if you are exploring any of the topics shown here, you have a good start on finding all the work the covers your area of interest.