This recommended reading list has been provided by AKAM members. All members are invited to contribute to the list.

  • Woodburn and Wilson (Eds), ‘Handbook of Strategic Account Management: a comprehensive resource’, 2014, Wiley, Chichester, UK
  • Capon, ‘Key Account Management and Planning: The Comprehensive Handbook for Managing Your Company's Most Important Strategic Assets’, 2010, Free Press, USA
  • Woodburn and McDonald, ‘Key Account Management: the definitive guide’, 2011 (3rd Ed.), Wiley, Chichester, UK.
  • Woodburn and McDonald, ‘El Management de las Cuentas Clave’, 2013 (3rd Ed.), Granica, Buenos Aires, Argentina (language Spanish)
  • Speare and Wilson, ‘Successful Global Account Management: Key Strategies and Tools for Managing Global Customers'