AKAM aims for a healthily mixed community of four constituencies:

  • corporate companies pursuing KAM programs in their organisations
  • individual key account managers seeking support for a challenging job
  • educational institutions with an interest in business and customers, who recognise that practice has moved on from traditional sales and marketing and seek to develop a new, in-demand offering in KAM
  • individual academics looking for new links and participants in their research
  • consultants and trainers with multi-company experience to offer, also seeking a new, in-demand offering in KAM.

This community of people shares a passion for KAM and a desire to understand this apparently simple but actually challenging business discipline. AKAM provides a resource centre and exchange for all members, both through the website and events. Members are encouraged to contact each other, by email initially where they have reason to think another member can help, although, of course, members are under no obligation to do so.

AKAM is here to support your work in KAM through access to KAM experts you can meet, on-demand accessible resources from the website, and the member network.